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Hiking at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba Hiking at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba

Between one dive and another make a point of admiring the mountain that looks down on to the bay: Monte Capanne, 1019 metres high, whose ancient paths have been cleaned up and given back their former glory.

At the foot of the mountain a large web of paths and trails leads to the top and around the mountain, as well as to all the small villages on the western coast.

Walking through the valleys with their century old chestnut trees or amidst the Mediterranean scrub with its strong perfumes is a unique experience. You will discover sudden breathtaking panoramas or catch glimpses of mouflons, or come across strange rock formations that remind you of natural sculptures of animals, monsters and gnomes. Our granite and quartz reefs are unique in their kind for their geological importance and their incredible beauty.

Hiking at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba Hiking at Sant'Andrea - Island of Elba

Some easy trails, through ancient vineyards and small waterfalls on the granite rocks, lead to the ancient paths, rich in history, that take you to the villages of Marciana and Chiessi.


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Excursions at Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba


A wide choice of possibilities for those who wish to enjoy Mother Nature to the full. Land lovers can choose from various, guided tours along the ancient routes in the area around Sant'Andrea, while sea lovers can go on rubber dinghy excursions and admire the sea bed and ship wrecks with just a mask, snorkel and flippers.