Our hotel on the Island of Elba

The Hotel Barsalini is only twenty meters away from the golden sandy beach of the enchanting, almost magical town of Capo Sant'Andrea, where the colourful, lush Mediterranean bush with its many different perfumes is reflected in the turquoise, crystal clear sea.

You could almost say the Hotel has become one with the colours and scents of Mother Nature. For over 50 years the Hotel has been run by the Barsalini family, and here guests can be certain of a very warm and friendly welcome where they will immediately feel at home.

The scents of jasmine, lavender, lemons and many types of geraniums fill the air around the main part of the hotel, where the reception, the bar, the restaurant, some of the rooms, and the three annexes with the remaining rooms are.

Children will find both our hotel and our meals completely made to measure, with special menus that meet with any specific needs and requests ...

... be it because of the natural beauty all around, be it because of the love we put into our work and our 'Small Hotel', we will do all we can to make Your Holiday "unique and unforgettable ..."

The hotel also runs a bazaar right on the beach, and all hotel guests will be granted a discount on books, underwater swimming equipment as well as much else they may need on the beach.

The main facilities

  • Swimming pool with Jacuzzi
  • Special children's menus
  • Free Wi-Fi in the main rooms and on the terrace of the bar outside


  • Finnish sauna and Jacuzzi for Hydrotherapy
  • Therapeutic, Ayurvedic and Prenatal massage
  • Children's play area
  • Piano bar music during the summer months


The Garden of Wellbeing for your relaxation


Guests can relax while they enjoy Hydrotherapy or a Finnish sauna in the peaceful open space of the hotel, with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of St. Andrea; here body and soul will find peace surrounded by the fragrances and colours of nature. Relaxing massages available on request.
Getting Married on the Island of Elba


Do you dream of spending the most important day of your life on a wonderful island?
There's no need to fly to the other side of the world ! Here you will find a small piece of paradise with all the first class services to celebrate your love with your family and friends.
Excursions at Sant'Andrea, Island of Elba


A wide choice of possibilities for those who wish to enjoy Mother Nature to the full. Land lovers can choose from various, guided tours along the ancient routes in the area around Sant'Andrea, while sea lovers can go on rubber dinghy excursions and admire the sea bed and ship wrecks with just a mask, snorkel and flippers.